Carbon Order

Carbon Order

Climate policy lags accelerating climate change to the degree that there are now no realistic emissions reduction scenarios to limit global warming to 2oC.  In consequence, the world is currently projected to overshoot safe atmospheric levels by at least 300 ppm (parts per million) this century, resulting in a minimum 3oC temperature rise, a level widely recognised as catastrophic in its expected impacts.

Of the two decarbonisation strategies available – reduction/avoidance at source, and atmospheric extraction once emitted – efforts to date have focused entirely on the former.  With the recognition that progress on this is inadequate, attention is now turning also to the latter, both to reduce ongoing emissions and absolute levels in the atmosphere. 


Known collectively as greenhouse gas removal (GGR), carbon dioxide removal (CDR),  or negative emission technologies and strategies (NETS), these approaches are set to become one of the largest economic sectors of the 21st century – a potential $5trn a year industry.  Of these, the most effective is an industrial process, DAC (Direct Air Capture), of which the acknowledged world leader is Carbon Engineering.

Carbon Engineering’s DAC technology addresses both decarbonisation at source and atmospheric extraction, generating a raft of strategic opportunities which can not only de-carbonise the $3trn/year liquid fuels market with drop-in compatible zero-carbon substitutes, but can also reduce atmospheric concentrations of CO2, ultimately to safe levels. This, together with other low- or zero-carbon options offered by DAC, would enable decarbonisation of the aviation, shipping and road transportation sectors by 2050, as well as reduction of atmospheric CO2 from its ultimate peak level to 350 ppm by the end of this century.

Rapid scaling and commercialisation from 2016, combined with continuing cost-reductions in solar energy generation, will by 2020 enable the production of synthetic zero carbon fuels from COand hydrogen at a cost of around $1/litre, transforming the hydrocarbon market.

Carbon Order is an investment group focused on this area.  It includes the world's first investment fund in DAC, Carbon Order No.1 Limited Partnership, the European investor in Carbon Engineering.

Beyond investment, Carbon Order aims to leverage this activity through market promotion and facilities development in hydrocarbon fuels for transportation and energy storage; atmospheric sequestration as the platinum standard for carbon offsets; and atmospheric CO2 reduction. 

These three activities – investment, market development and facilities promotion – are explored on this website.